Thursday, 23 February 2012

TOP 5 action games 2012 (PC)

The list that i made is basically from my judgement with my own and final word.Enjoy :D


The best improvement graphic,sound and gameplay among the Counter Strike games.Famous and well-known maps like de_dust and cs_assault never be missed by gamers

TOP 4 : Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

COD MW3 is the best modern war games that deliver breakneck competitive action , mutual cooperative mission and survival of single player game that leads to its own satisfaction among gamers.

TOP 3 : Black Shot

The excitement of this game where gamers will have several choices to choose whether to play on Team Flag Match,Search  and Destroy,Team Deathmatch,Bunker Defense and Sd-infinity where various mission applied on different game type.Still one of the best game with excellent graphic and gameplay.

TOP 2 : Left for Dead 2

One of my favourite PC games where it enhance my thinking and creativity skills to play LFD.To fight against various and different species of nemesis is not a simple thing where player need to know the pros and cons of their enemy in order to strike them down.Fight with the hordes of zombies around you?Think again..

TOP 1 : Defense of The Ancient (DOTA)

Play using the Scourge or Sentinel  by their Intelligence,Agility or Strength attributes heroes.Various commands like AP(all hero),AR(all random),SD(Single Draft) and many more.The most competitive,cooperated and creative team wins.The strongest not applicable anymore in war games as the best strategy to bring down foes will take them all and win.