Tuesday, 8 November 2011

What would Puss in Boots Do?

Well believe it or not,  this lovely and adorable cat finally back in theaters to express his feeling again and again even in the middle of fight with the vicious and disgusted monster ever!
But, as a good partner of Shrek, Puss In Boots does not know the meaning of failure in his life.

How do i defeat the bad guys If i were the Puss and Kitty Softpaws?
Weill if i were them,i will use my cuteness and charming power to attract enemy to feel pity. Once enemy has been cheated, I will take the advantage to use my SUPER FURY SWIPES power which is to scratch the bodies of the enemies continously until the enemy has lose a huge amount of blood from the wound until they die in vain.

If the enemies have survive from the SUPER FURY SWIPES power, i will use my Ultimate skills which is THE CATS STRENGTH which is the finisher or final move to end the enemies life through transforming myself into enrage where i am attacking the enemies heart with poison soft paws to ensure that the poison channels to the enemies heart and slowly their heart will be stop functioning and death will meet them in less in a minute.

Enraged Assassins Cat!

Cute cat with its 1001 ways to trick the enemy!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Win iPad, iPod, iPhone 4 with Petrosains DinoTrek 2

Snap a Photo with Your Favourite Dinosaur and win an iPad

Petrosains DinoTrek 2 giving the 
iPad, iPod, iPhone 4 for 
their Dinosaur Photo Contest. 

Is this a Steve Jobs Tribute?



Calling all MBO Members! 

Get your FREE 2 Movie Passes for 
Sinar Harian Special Screening 

Date : 15th October 2011
Time : 10.30am
Venue : MBO Harbour Place, Klang, Selangor.

* Collect at Membership Counter on 14 Oct 2011,
Friday 10am onwards. 
* First come first served basis

Monday, 3 October 2011

F.O.S: Buy 1, Get 2 FREE

What: Buy 1, Get 2 FREE!


When: Now till stocks last!

Why: Because 2 is always better than 1!

How: Just select 3 items with the 
Buy 1 Get 2 Free Sticker 
on the price tag, you pay for 
the highest priced item 
& you get the other 

P/s : wow great deal for peeps out there

Friday, 23 September 2011

Free Estee Lauder NEW Resilience Lift Sample

ntroducing NEW Resilience Lift 
Instant Action Treatment. 

Experience a Miracle Lift 
in 60 seconds. 

It features a unique f
lex-tip applicator 
and CustomSculpt Technology™ 
to precisely target specific facial 
areas that need immediate lifting action 
wherever and whenever you want. 

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Tiket percuma Filem ''Libas''

30 Tiket Percuma Untuk Rakan MBO Facebook

Tayangan filem ini akan diadakan pada:-
24 September 2011 (Sabtu)
jam 10.30 pagi 
di MBO Subang Parade

Syarat & Peraturan 
1. Potong keratan ini dan penebusan boleh dibuat pada 23 September 2011 (Jumaat), dari pukul 4.00 pm - 10.00 pm di MBO Subang Parade.
2. Penebusan adalah berdasarkan "Siapa Cepat Dia Dapat".
3. Pihak penganjur berhak mengubah mana-mana peraturan tanpa notis terlebih dahulu.

P/s : hah mari2 ajak sekampung memeriahkn majlis :)

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Experiences that are truly unique and 
money-cannot-buy, such as 
a chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime experience 
to hang with celebrities 
(Lisa Surihani, Aizat or Shaheizy Sam), 
get to pick from 100 awesome 
unique experiences OR great merchant rewards.

Free Seats by AirAsia

FREE SEATS is back!

Banda Aceh, Singapore, Langkawi, Hat Yai, 
Penang, and Miri up for grabs for FREE
and many more with 
an unbeatable promo fare! 

No more excuses to NOT visit the 
Hidden Gems of the World! 

Booking Period: 21st September, 00:01 hrs (GMT+8) – 25th September 2011 

Travel Period: 3rd May – 27th October 2012

Share the news with your friends and family!

P/s : good news guys!holiday time :)

Sunday, 18 September 2011

FREE Chocolate Avalanche + RM10 Voucher by Tony Roma's

like to share their gifts with you. 

All September girls and boys that 
celebrate their birthdays 
with them will get 
FREE Chocolate Avalanche + RM10 voucher!

Kids below 12 who's celebrating 
their birthday with them will 
get to dine in absolutely FREE too.

Promotion Period:12 September - 30 October 2011

As long as your birthday is in September, 
you're entitled to your 
free chocolate avalanche + RM10 voucher 
when you dine with Tony Roma's

P/s : Already got someone to bring for the birthday giveaway! :)

Friday, 2 September 2011

FREE RM5 Voucher by Station One Cafe Leisure Cafe (East Malaysia)

Bring all your friends and family 
this Saturday and Sunday (3 & 4 September 2011)
to Station One Leisure Cafe East Malaysia Kuching Outlet
from 2pm onwards! 

RM5 vouchers is given out for FREE

How to get the voucher?

Just need to bring friends or family that 

page on the spot. Only NEW likes counted.

P/s : Free voucher?no way to deny it

Free Smurfs Movie Passes EXCLUSIVELY for Jack n' Jill Fans

Jack ‘n Jill has exclusively booked a 
cinema hall at Cathay Cineplexes, e@Curve 
(formerly Cineleisure Damansara) on
10 September 2011 for 
their members to watch The Smurfs.

There are 150 passes to be given out. 
Each pass entitles you to 2 seats.

We’ll be giving out popcorn, soft drink and 
Jack ‘n Jill snacks upon collecting your movie passes. 
That’s not all!
At the end of the movie, you’ll be getting a
Jack ‘n Jill goodie bag!

All you need to do is to be the first 150 
Jack ‘n Jill FANS 
to send in the details as shown below 

Name :
Contact No :
Email :
NRIC No. :
Postal Address :

P/S : I Smurf the movie because it is soo Smurftastic,haha

Monday, 29 August 2011

Exchange Movie Tickets For Free

MBO Cinema Can Film Festival on 8 - 15 Sept 2011

Bring as many can food to 
MBO Subang Parade 
to exchange for 
re-run blockbuster movie tickets!

Collections of all cans will be given 
to house as charity donation.

Terms and Condition
One can food for one re-run movie tickets (6 tickets per day per person) 
Expiry date of can food must be 6 months and above 
Can food must be Halal 
Not valid for new release movies, digital and 3D movies 
Seats are subject to availability

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Free Sim Pack plus Free Delivery with Tune Talk

Get your FREE Tune Talk Sim Pack. No strings attached! 
Tune talk want to make sure that you save more money
so you can enjoy a better.
                                                       TUNETALK FREE SIMPACK

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Actually,it is not about the blue avatar nor the cartoon series avatar 
but i would like to show you how to create your own avatar,cool huh?yes,by browsing 
the website,you will able to create your avatar creatively and charmingly!

1)Firstly,click the website FACEYOURMANGA 

2)Secondly,click the CREATE button on your top left

3) Then,choose your gender whether boy or girl,it is reminded that 
only two gender provided in this website,and no third or fourth option of gender to bee chosen : )

4)Then,you can start to create your avatar base on the following attributes ---->

5)Then,after you complete create your avatar,click on the SAVE button on your top right,this step is vital in order the avatar (picture) will be deliver through your email directly after you complete filling the form

6)Then,after you log in your email and click on the message from FaceYourManga,
what you have to do is to click on the link given (link to download your picture and save them) 
which appears DOWNLOAD AVATAR

7)Finally,your avatar is complete and ready to be the next default picture of facebook : )

This is me?still noob to recognise myself : )

P/s : i laugh and laugh everytime i see my own avatar ^^

Red Box & Green Box Voucher Giveaway

Red Box and Green Box Karaoke Anniversary Free Voucher
Print out the invitation voucher above
to redeem your set of 9 in 1 Sing-K Voucher 
worth RM300 from Red Box/Green Box

How to get it?
Right click the picture and follow the steps
Valid date : 1 August 2011 - 30 September 2011

P/s : Great voucher for everyone who loves singing

Only RM1.00 for a Ayamas Half Roaster

Pay only RM1 for a Half Roaster
with purchase of half Percik Roaster with Special Sauce

How to get it?
Inform the ayamas cashier that you want to buy the "Rm1.00 Promotion"
No printed coupon needed
Terms and condition
RM1 Promotion is only valid daily after 8pm
Choice of Golden and Pepper only for the 2nd half roaster
Available at all Kedai Ayamas
While stock last!

P/s : i change not to quit ayamas if know earlier : )

Free Burberry Body Sample GIveaway

Burberry new Body Fragrance!
Exclusively on their Facebook Page
Or you can click HERE for your sample request

P/s : Just click if i were you,its free anyway :)

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Kungfu Panda 2 2011 DVDRip

Movie Synopsis :
In Kung Fu Panda 2, Po is now living his dream as The Dragon Warrior, protecting the Valley of Peace alongside his friends and fellow kung fu masters, The Furious Five. But Po's new life of awesomeness is threatened by the emergence of a formidable villain, who plans to use a secret, unstoppable weapon to conquer China and destroy kung fu. Po must look to his past and uncover the secrets of his mysterious origins; only then will he be able to unlock the strength he needs to succeed. 

Movie download : 
Single Link ------> ENTERUPLOAD

Wednesday, 17 August 2011


The Ancient Romans believed that the soul escaped one's body with the last breath.  It was believed that last breath held the power to cure disease and prolong life.  In 1930's, Dr. Robert Kaminsky devoted his life to finding out how to harness the power in the last breath. Susan Jordan owns a local novelty shop.  One item in her shop, an antique box once owned by Doctor Kaminsky, draws the interest of two men: Raif Collins who hopes it's contents can save his dying sister, and Alex Poe whose motives are more mysterious.  Susan quickly finds herself in a perilous struggle to protect the box and the secrets that it holds.


Friday, 12 August 2011

My Favourite Smurfs

My favourite character would be BRAINY!

Why?This is because i love brainy people and always dream to be like those brainy people out there, for sure brainy people can live and survive when they have problems and problems without depending on the others. This is why i love this character because brainy is the mastermind and always step ahead in front of the others when making a serious and important decision making!

How Brainy can help the other smurfs??Can Brainy help?

Basically,brainy have its own strategy in developing the ideas and decision in help lead the others and find their way from New York City back to Smurf Village. To have intelligent mind its not a simple and easy job as other smurfs is depending on Brainy strategy to find a perfect way before evil wizard Gargamel tracks them down and crash them all without mercy. Firstly, to help the other smurfs,Brainy apply DISGUISE method which can be use safely by wearing a mouse costume or face painting to avoid the evil to identified them while walking and using public transport. Next,Brainy apply UNITY method because he believes that no single action in the world would be successful if no cooperation between fellow done,what Brainy means is that when smurfs walk,sleep,hike,eat and run must be done together as together we stand,divided we fall.Finally,Brainy urge the others to focus on this method which is TARGET method, Brainy clears that target method is a process to define and track the enemies special,weakness,threat and opportunities. By using the swot system,smurfs can defeat their enemies by knowing their enemies pro and cons. Lastly,Brainy advices to all the smurfs that we dont need a thousands strategies,we dont need a thousands friends as deep inside our heart the faith is there waiting for us to welcome the truth for those who are believing.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Rasuk 2011 DVDRip AVI 700 MB


Sebuah kisah seram yang membongkar misteri sebuah banglo Melayu lama. Banglo Melayu yang terbina sejak dari zaman pemerintahan Jepun itu kelihatan indah dan teguh dengan keceriaan penghuni silih berganti tanpa sebarang gangguan sehinggalah dengan kehadiran sepasang suami isteri Arman dan Melati. Arman, seorang pengarah fotografi bersama isterinya Melati, bersetuju untuk mendiami banglo tersebut yang cukup indah dan tenang jauh dari hiruk pikuk kebisingan kota. Misteri bermula apabila Melati secara tidak sengaja telah terlanggar batu tanda yang terletak di kawasan rumah tersebut.


Single Link ---> WUPLOAD

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Sekali Lagi DVDrip 2011

Movie Synopsis : 
Sekali Lagi tells story of Arman (Shaheizy Sam) a man with autism who comes across a little girl, Amy, as snatch thieves almost rob him. Amy is a little girl who is smart and independent therefore Arman frequently spends time with Amy, which in turn enables Arman to be more independent. Things take another twist when Arman meets Amy’s mother Sheila (Lisa Surihani), and Sheila soon finds that she’s torn between her boyfriend Faris (Bront Palarae) and the sweet Arman (Shaheizy Sam), with whom her daughter has formed a bond with.

Movie Download :
Single link - WUPLOAD

Saturday, 30 July 2011

FLAT 3A 2011 DVDRip

Trailer :

Movie Synopsis :
Flat 3A adalah sebuah kisah seram yang berlaku di sebuah kawasan flat. Kisah ini bermula apabila Ikah terpaksa menggugurkan kandungannya setelah dipaksa oleh Anas, kekasih Ikah. Sejak Ikah menggugurkan kandungan itu, dia sering dihantui pelbagai kejadian pelik. Jadi, Ratna pun membawa Ikah untuk berpindah ke rumah baru iaitu di sebuah flat.
Tetapi, rumah baru mereka itu adalah rumah seorang bomoh. Kehadiran seorang budak perempuan sering kelihatan. Budak perempuan tersebut adalah budak perempuan yang telah hilang sejak beberapa hari lalu. Rupa-rupanya, budak perempuan yang hilang itu sudah mati.

Single Link : WUPLOAD

Wu Xia 2011 DVDRip

Trailer : 

Synopsis : 
A sinful martial arts expert wants to start a new tranquil life, 
only to be hunted by a determined detective and 
his former master.


Download HJ SPLIT before download the movie
This to ensure u may be enable to join the movie part together
For better result,use GOM player or Real Player
Have fun :)
HJ SPLIT link ---->HJ Split

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Empire of Assassins DVDrip 2011

Movie Trailer :

Movie Synopsis :
One man is out for revenge after a life-altering event destroys his family. After years of preparation he seeks out his justice, while unaware of their relation, on his brother. As these two brothers seek to destroy each other certain memories are triggered and although many trusted allies will be dishonest and misleading neither one will stop until they know the truth.


Download HJ SPLIT before download the movie
This to ensure u may be enable to join the movie part together
For better result,use GOM player or Real Player
Have fun :)
HJ SPLIT link ---->HJ Split

Platoon of death DVDRiP 2011

Movie Trailer :

Movie Synopsis : 

 Platoon of Death is a true reflection of the horrific events at My Lai, Vietnam in March 1968. A group of American soldiers lost in the vicinity of My Lai an unexpected number of its men. The group is boiling with rage and begins a real battle led by Second Lieutenant William Calley. The village of My Lai is totally eradicated, the soldiers are crazy and make it a true massacre. Men, women and children are being slaughtered like nobody’s business.


Download HJ SPLIT before download the movie
This to ensure u may be enable to join the movie part together
For better result,use GOM player or Real Player
Have fun :)
HJ SPLIT link ---->HJ Split

Nur Kasih The Movie 2011

Movie trailer :

Based on the popular TV series the film pick up eight years after the story in the series concluded. The film opens in spectacular style in the Jordanian desert where two Bedouins witness a horrible accident. A precursor for events to unfold. The film then takes us to the idyllic setting of Kuala Selangor where Nur Amina and Adam reminisce the past. The back story quickly unfolds which is followed by the revelation that Aidil has lost his wife Aliyah.

We meet Aidil’s children. His son Ilyas a carbon copy of his father battles the loss in silence and is more concerned with his father’s internal grief. His sister Maryam is too young to understand the gravity of the situation. Aidil finally let’s go of his demons in a heart wrenching scene. Adam and Nur Amina return to Kuala Lumpur where they spend their time volunteering at a place for troubled children. Here we encounter the troubled boy; Mamat who looks up to Adam as an old brother and Sara who is obviously infatuated by Adam. We meet Sara’s volatile boyfriend Jamal who shows his disdain for the entire setup.

His deeds will lead to a violent conclusion. Nur Amina finds out that she is pregnant. We realize that they have been struggling to have a child for a while. Adam thanks to Allah. But as fate would have it she miscarries. Adam begins to start losing his faith in Allah, a bond that took him a long time to forget. Aidil his brother manages to keep him on the right track. The couple decide to visit Mecca and follow it up with a trip to Jordon. In Jordon, Adam and Nur Amina find peace once again but Adam is plagued by a recurring dream. He sees Nur die in it. He feels that this is an omen for things to come. Their faith is about to challenged once again. Nur and Adam meet up with a devastating train accident in the desert. In the carnage Adam finds Nur lying lifeless.


Download HJ SPLIT before download the movie
This to ensure u may be enable to join the movie part together
For better result,use GOM player or Real Player
Have fun :)
HJ SPLIT link ---->HJ Split

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

KL Gangster TVRIP 2011

Movie Trailer :

Movie Synopsis :
KL Gangster tells the tale of two brothers who get involved in the world of gangsterism. The older brother known as Malek (Aaron Aziz) was imprisoned for five five years after being betrayed by his own gang which was started by Shark the step brother of the most influential gangster in Kuala Lumpur, King. Malek who leads a normal life after being released is pulled back into the world he left behind after all those years. Especially since his younger brother Jai is influenced by the gangsters and decide to work for Shark bringing everything down in chaos for money.


Download HJ SPLIT before download the movie
This to ensure u may be enable to join the movie part together
For better result,use GOM player or Real Player
Have fun :)
HJ SPLIT link ---->HJ Split

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Mars needs moms 2011

Movie trailer : 

Take out the trash,eat your brocolli-who needs moms anyway?Nine year old milo (Seth Green) finds out just how much he needs his mom ( Joan Cusack) when she's nabbes by Martians who plan to steal her mom-ness for their young. A quest to save his mom-a wild adventure in 3D that involves stowing away on a spaceship,navigating an elaborate,multi-level planet and taking on the alien nation and their leader (Mindy Sterling). With the help of a tech savvy,underground earthman named Gribble (Dan Fogler) and a rebel Martiangirl called Ki( Elisabeth Harnois) ,Milo just might find his way back to his mom-in more ways than one.


Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Saw 3D DVDRIP 2011


Download HJ SPLIT before download the movie
This to ensure u may be enable to join the movie part together
For better result,use GOM player or Real Player
Have fun :)
HJ SPLIT link ---->HJ Split

Insidious 2011 BDRIP

Horor movie which this film begins with a mysterious old woman near on ominously lit back window.She smiles ans then the screen flashes to black...


Download HJ SPLIT before download the movie
This to ensure u may be enable to join the movie part together
For better result,use GOM player or Real Player
Have fun :)
HJ SPLIT link ---->HJ Split

2012 Ice Age (2011) DVDRIP 350MB

When a volcanic eruption in iceland sends a glacier hurting toward North America,a family struggles to escape the onslaught of the coming ice age.


Download HJ SPLIT before download the movie
This to ensure u may be enable to join the movie part together
For better result,use GOM player or Real Player
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HJ SPLIT link ---->HJ Split

Quarantine 2 terminal DVDRIP 2011

A plane is taken over by a mysterious virus. When the plane lands it is placed under quarantine. NOw a group of survivors must band together to survive the quarantine.

Download link files : 

Download HJ SPLIT before download the movie
This to ensure u may be enable to join the movie part together
For better result,use GOM player or Real Player
Have fun :)
HJ SPLIT link ---->HJ Split

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Super 8 Movie Download

Trailer : 

In the summer of 1979,a group of friend in a small town of Ohio witness a catastrophic train crash while making a super 8 movie and soon expected that it was not accident. Shortly after,unusual disappearance and inexplicable events begin to take place in town, and the local Deputy trying to solve the problem with the help of those group of kids that they will never imagine how it will look like.

Part 1 : Mediafire
Part 2 : Mediafire
Part 3 : Mediafire

Download HJ SPLIT before download the movie
This to ensure u may be enable to join the movie parts together
For better result,use GOM player or Real Player
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HJ SPLIT link ---->HJ Split

Green Lantern Movie Preview

Trailer :

As the home planet of green lantern corps faces a battle with an ancient enemy,Hal Jordan prepares a recruit Arisia for the coming conflict related by relating stories of the first Green Lantern and several of Hal's comrades.

Thursday, 9 June 2011


The action comedy directed by Farid Kamil,focuses on the investigation done by ASP(Fizo Omar) towards the killing of a triad members in Kuala Lumpur. Various triad members are in shambles when they discover the presence of a hired killer Tumulak (Shaheizy Sam) who commited the killing to settle his debt. Asps shariff are unable to pinpoint who are to blammed since cunning Tumulak works alone. But,the truth is the crimes were mastermind by Kimpedu (Zul Handyblack) who hired Tumulak to stir the nest of the triads  as Kimpedu plans to take over of Kuala Lumpur under his control.

Download these 2 parts and join them by using HJ SPLIT
-->1 part Mediafire
-->2 part Mediafire

Download HJ SPLIT before download the movie
This to ensure u may be enable to join the movie part together
For better result,use GOM player or Real Player
Have fun :)
HJ SPLIT link ---->HJ Split