Sunday, 10 July 2011

Nur Kasih The Movie 2011

Movie trailer :

Based on the popular TV series the film pick up eight years after the story in the series concluded. The film opens in spectacular style in the Jordanian desert where two Bedouins witness a horrible accident. A precursor for events to unfold. The film then takes us to the idyllic setting of Kuala Selangor where Nur Amina and Adam reminisce the past. The back story quickly unfolds which is followed by the revelation that Aidil has lost his wife Aliyah.

We meet Aidil’s children. His son Ilyas a carbon copy of his father battles the loss in silence and is more concerned with his father’s internal grief. His sister Maryam is too young to understand the gravity of the situation. Aidil finally let’s go of his demons in a heart wrenching scene. Adam and Nur Amina return to Kuala Lumpur where they spend their time volunteering at a place for troubled children. Here we encounter the troubled boy; Mamat who looks up to Adam as an old brother and Sara who is obviously infatuated by Adam. We meet Sara’s volatile boyfriend Jamal who shows his disdain for the entire setup.

His deeds will lead to a violent conclusion. Nur Amina finds out that she is pregnant. We realize that they have been struggling to have a child for a while. Adam thanks to Allah. But as fate would have it she miscarries. Adam begins to start losing his faith in Allah, a bond that took him a long time to forget. Aidil his brother manages to keep him on the right track. The couple decide to visit Mecca and follow it up with a trip to Jordon. In Jordon, Adam and Nur Amina find peace once again but Adam is plagued by a recurring dream. He sees Nur die in it. He feels that this is an omen for things to come. Their faith is about to challenged once again. Nur and Adam meet up with a devastating train accident in the desert. In the carnage Adam finds Nur lying lifeless.


Download HJ SPLIT before download the movie
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