Friday, 7 June 2013

#JJCM - PENANG (23-26 MAY 2013)

Hello people,its been awhile that i haven't been around to blog.
But don't worry, even i'm quite busy with my final year project paper,
 i'll try to manage to blog and spread my experience to the world : )

Day #1

The backpacking trip to Penang by 7 guys is to achieve our main mission 
which is resemble to JJCM programme which to find the best place that 
offer best food at reasonable cost :)

Don"t get it wrong because we were travelling by car, well the bus is just pass 
by when photographer capture our photo. :)

Modern Hotel in Chulia Road. We get the best room in the hotel since our back door 
is a rooftop that facing the street. Best hotel ever for backpacker where it cost only
 rm 70 per night :)

After check-in, we rush to the first #JJCM Penang eatlist which is to the Restaurant 
Nasi Kandar that make the best Nasi Kandar in Penang based on my humble opinion :)


In evening, we went to Batu Feringgi to search for the best Pasembur in town, which is the Famous Pasembur by ........ (forgot the restaurant name), act i'd just keep it secret.ekekek :)

Since we are in Feringghi, so lets go BeachBoy show what we got :)

Day #2

Since most of us are tired due to long journey, so as a guy, it is
 normal for us to wake up in the afternoon during vacation since we 
need to have enough rest, am i right? :)

Ok enough advert, hihi. In Day #2, we went to Balik Pulau to search for the
 famous Legendary Laksa Penang. Without have a further details 
on the location of the restaurant, we had lost a few times to reach to the restaurant.
 But thanks to the luck and useless jokes from them, we manage to arrive in 
afternoon, its like 2 hours travelling to Balik Pulau even though less than an hour
    takes to reach there.

In evening, we walked to Padang Kota Lama to hunt for the next famous local food in Penang. We tend to walk because we wanted to enjoy the night time of Penang . In Padang Kota, we try one of the best Mee Udang and Kerang Bakar in Penang & we are so lucky to get discount for it :)

While in the midnight, after we went to Padang Kota, all of us agreed to eat 

Day #3

Not much activity we do on the last day,since they need to have a sufficient rest to drive back to Kuala Lumpur. So everyone woke up late morning since we're not a morning persons. Haha. So before depart, we have some Famous Roti Canai from Line Clear Restaurant.

Thanks for those who bought my breakfast :>

So, as usual  It is a custom for every travelers to buy some souvenir for their friend, colleague and family. Before going back, one of our friend was not feeling good, and I'd take over the job as a driver and need to sacrifice my idea to sleep all wayback to KL

Later, we had our lunch in RNR Tapah. Udang Merah with Rice and Plain Water is the last food to ends our trip. Finally, DONE JJCM PENANG! Will see u all again after RAYA :>

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